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Olga Cardinale
accounts & sales

Frank Cardinale
sales manager

Michael Cardinale
technical support

Sam Nicotra
warehouse manager

about original ceramics

original ceramics was established 1977 in the most humble of fashion in a very small showroom in Leederville. it has evolved through a family run structure as an important tile merchant for architects, interior designers and clients with more discerning taste and appreciation of design, product and quality.

original ceramics is directed by the design rich cardinale family. both sons have an extensive background in both architecture and tiling result in a wealth of experience and knowledge.

original ceramics is respected in perth as leaders offering a quality range of products. an informed and discerning eye results in a concise and well curated range of tiles offering design, quality and durability. Constant searching and attendance of important trade fairs results in a collection of relevant products. 


original ceramics offers experienced, sound and genuine advice to help the client achieve their goals and in most cases exceed expectations with an emphasis on offering tasteful and classic solutions. of course in the need to create something out of the ordinary we can help just as well.

at original ceramics there is no hard sell and you will be find something which today is seemingly lost, Integrity!


the vision for the future is to maintain a family owned and run business structure offering service and consistency through the years. The same staff has been here since 1977. there are no transients here. the person you talk to is the person who owns and runs the business.